We are always looking for new properties and real estate with potential for development.

The preferred locations for our real estate development are in very good to excellent areas of Frankfurt, in which we seek to build exclusive apartment buildings or single-family homes:

– Properties with at least 500, and up to 10,000 square meters of residential or usable area
– Apartment buildings ranging from 5 to 200 residential units
– Properties with or without building permits
– Conversion sites
– Office buildings and/or hotels

In addition, we are looking for houses and office buildings in the greater Frankfurt area.

Existing properties of various types and classifications in Frankfurt (such as living spaces, offices and shops) are also of particular interest to us. These properties may be undeveloped and not yet showing their true potential – for instance, apartment buildings with numerous unoccupied units, buildings with a maintenance backlog, or properties with legal problems attached.  Of course these conditions are by no means a necessary prerequisite to determining the property’s potential.

The investment volume, the return, as well as the size of the real estate in question are secondary to us.

Do you own a property or an existing building that would match the above-described categories, and you would like to put it on the market? If so, please contact us for discrete inquiries about your property. You can call us any time during our office hours. We will also be happy to meet with you in person.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Aziz Amakran
Real estate Economist (IREBS)

Schumannstraße 62
60325 Frankfurt
T.: +49 69 120 186 208
M.: +49 151 67 111 057
F.: +49 69 120 186 201
E-Mail: aa@delom.eu

Mario Stanke
Senior Manager

Schumannstraße 62
60325 Frankfurt
T.: +49 69 120 186 207
M.: +49 171 44 99 998
F.: +49 69 120 186 201
E-Mail: mst@delom.eu